Fan Photos

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The following photos copyright Kathryn Kimbrough. Used with permission.

Jon Cassar and Geoff Murrin

Nigel Bennett

Don Francks and Alberta Watson

Eugene Glazer

Producers' Panel (L to R):
Phil Bedard, Larry Lalonde, Michael Sloan,
David Rosen and Jamie Paul Rock

Peta Wilson

The following photos copyright Mary Ann Bailey. Used with permission.

Clark Johnson

Cyprus, Nigel Bennett & Ingrid

Geoff and Jim Murrin
The following photos copyright Yolette Nicholson. Used with permission.

Alberta Watson

Yolette and Don Francks

K. Douglas MacRae
The following photos copyright Rae Plachecki. Used with permission.

Dean McDermott

Barclay Hope and Gang

Jon Cassar and Gang

Angelo Colavecchia

Nigel Bennett

Geoff Murrin

Angelo Colavecchia and Nigel Bennett

Paul Gross
The following photos copyright Jill Bejarano. Used with permission.

The Conga Line

Angelo Colavecchia and Nigel Bennett


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