Top 25 Auction Items Coke Can Challenge


1. Set visit on La Femme Nikita $6200
2. Set visit on La Femme Nikita $6000
3. Nigel Bennett's Forever Knight crew jacket $3200
4. Forever Knight dailies from 'Curiouser & Curiouser' $2000
5. Forever Knight video daily from 'Baby, Baby' $1600
6. Forever Knight crew duster $1600
7. La Femme Nikita comic by K. Douglas MacRae $1500
8. LaCroix's suede duster from Forever Knight $1400
9. LaCroix's wool coat from Forever Knight $1200
10. Forever Knight crew jacket $1100
11. Set visit on Homicide: Life on the Streets $1100
12. LaCroix's wool coat from Forever Knight $1000
13. Original M*A*S*H script signed by Jamie Farr $1000
14. Michael's passport from La Femme Nikita $800
15. Michael's rapelling gloves from La Femme Nikita $750
16. Michael's listening device from La Femme Nikita $720
17. Kung Fu: TLC dailies from 'Demons' $700
18. Kung Fu: TLC crew jacket $600
19. Forever Knight dailies from 'Can't Run, Can't Hide' $600
20. LaCroix's ornamental button from Forever Knight $600
21. Hand-held computer PDA from La Femme Nikita $550
22. Kung Fu: TLC crew jacket $550
23. Forever Knight daily from 'Unreality TV' $525
24. Homicide: Life on the Streets script and video $500
25. Set visit on Psi Factor $500

Coke Can Challenge

The "Coke Can Challenge" started as of a result of Nigel Bennett auctioning off a Coke Can at Bridging the Knight in January 1997. He auctioned off his empty can of Coca-Cola, which fetched the surprising sum of $150 US, and thereby started a tradition in which the guest auctioneers at all MPICA events auction off a can by shamelessly coaxing the highest bid via various stunts and antics. We look forward to many, many more cans of Coca-Cola raising money for our charities.

Auctioneer Winning Bid
Nigel Bennett $300.00
Nigel Bennett $200.00
Barclay Hope $125.00
Paul Gross $100.00
Dean McDermott $85.00
Scott Wentworth $85.00
Don Francks $80.00
Alberta Watson $65.00
David Hewlett $35.00
Eugene Robert Glazer $35.00

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