Our sincere thanks to the following individuals who contributed items to the charity auction.

Bill Belt
Nigel Bennett
Valerie Bristor
Chris Carter
Jill Carter
Gilda Caserta
Jon Cassar
Angelo Colavecchia
Lindsay Collins
Creation Entertainment
Rae Crombie
Miles Dale
Keith R.A. DeCandido
Laurie Drew
Earth: Final Conflict Production Office
Carmen Estrada
Matthew Ferguson
Doug Foreman
Frasier Production Office
Susan Garrett
Laura Annne Gilman
Christoper Golden
Nicholas Gray

Paul Gross
David Hewlett
Nancy Hill
Barclay Hope
JAG Prooduction Office

John Kapelos
Martin Kove

Bruce Kulick

La Femme Nikita
Production Office
Larry Lalonde
Juliet Landau
Cal Lynn
K. Douglas MacRae
Karen Mathews
Dean McDermott
MGM Television
Millennium Production Office
Geoff Murrin
James Parriott
Cody Marie Phoenix
Profiler Production Office
Psi Factor Production Office
Ethan Reiff
Josepha Sherman
Gene Simmons
Frank Siracusa
Michael Sloan
Kat Slonaker
Cyrus Voris
Ally Walker
Alberta Watson
The WB Network
Joss Whedon


Special Thanks

Special thanks to the following individuals who assisted in pulling the charity auction together. Without them, we'd never had been able to do it!
Tina Cassar
Nazek Fradette, Catering Manager, Day's Hotel & Conference Centre
Hans Wallesa, Banquets Manager, Day's Hotel & Conference Centre
Brock Jollife
Andrea Mann, Alliance-Atlantis
Chris McCallan, Chris McCallan Photography
Phil Dunk, Photo Methods
Rob Ballentyne, Earth: Final Conflict

Michelle Levy
Sharon MacLaughlin, Tourism Toronto
Suzy Jojola, The WB Television Network
Sharon Shapira, MGM Television

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