December 05, 2000

Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance
P.O.Box 1284
Springfield, OH 45501-1284

Dear Mr. Bennett and Mr. Cassar,

Thank you for your very generous gift to the children who seek refuge at Children of the Night. I wish you could see firsthand the specialized care afforded the children we are able to serve because of your gift.

Life is very structured, here in the shelter, and our on-site school helps our children achieve the hard work necessary to make life changing decisions. Our counselors provide them with the necessary support to help them escape their horrid pasts. For most of our children. Life at Children of the Night represents their first chance at childhood.

Your gift, will help us continue providing an alternative to life on the streets. Your selfless giving provides these children with hope and a way out of a dreadful lifestyle.

We can't do the work we do, here at Children of the Night, without you. And appreciation of your gift is seen time after time on the faces of these special children as they realize that there is someone who cares. Thank you for caring and sharing.


Dr. Lois Lee

P.S. Thank you so very much for your generosity and time. It means so much to so many children. Lois.

January 19, 2001

Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance
P.O. Box 1284
Springfield, Ohio 45501-1284 USA

Dear Mr. Cassar and Mr. Bennett:

On behalf of The Gatehouse Board of Directors, volunteers and staff, I would like to thank you for your generous contribution. This wonderful donation will be directed towards improving the programs offered to children, youth, and adult survivors of abuse.

Since June 1998, The Gatehouse has been committed to providing a safe place where everyone has a voice. In order to reduce the trauma of child abuse, we have developed a number of support groups that cater to many survivors who chosen to share their healing process with others at The Gatehouse. Our third Peer Support/Mentor group has just recently graduated from their 10-week training session, and the facilitator is currently matching people for support. Our men's support group, also under the direction of a facilitator, meets once a week with men who have suffered childhood abuse.

We appreciate your generous support of our work, and we thank you for helping us to realize the vision of The Gatehouse. I hope that the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance will continue to play an important role in providing necessary services to victims of child abuse.

Best regards,

Tammy Hepditch
Development Co-ordinator

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