The "Coke Can Challenge" started as of a result of Nigel Bennett auctioning off a Coke Can at Bridging the Knight in January 1997. He auctioned off his empty can of Coca-Cola, which fetched the surprising sum of US $150, and thereby started a tradition in which the guest auctioneers at all MPICA events auction off a can by shamelessly coaxing the highest bid via various stunts and antics.

Click here from some candid photos of the auctioneers "in action"!

We look forward to many, many more cans of Coca-Cola raising money for our charities.

Auctioneer Bid in Canadian Dollars
Nigel Bennett $3200
Eugene Robert Glazer $3100
Barclay Hope $3000
Carlo Rota $1050
Kathryn Long $1000
Stephen Shellen $850
Lindsay Collins & Josh Holliday $800
La Femme Nikita Stunt Guys $600
Alberta Watson $500
Don Francks $400
Dean McDermott $400
La Femme Nikita Tech Guys $300

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