Our sincere thanks to the following individuals who contributed items to the charity auction.

Alliance Atlantis Communications
Amazon production company
Andromeda production company
Bev Apel

Auckland Theatre Company
Barbara Balcar

Derrick Bang
Jill Bejarano

Marilyn Bell
Nigel Bennett
Kathy Briski
Valerie Bristor
Jill Carter
Gilda Caserta

Jon Cassar
S. Chaikin

Angelo Colavecchia
Steve Csepe
Roma Downey

Dreamworks SKG
Earth: Final Conflict Production Office
Matthew Ferguson
Doug Foreman
Don Francks
Eugene Robert Glazer
Eydi Goines-Floyd

Nicholas Gray
Bob Henning

David Hewlett
Barclay Hope
The Invisible Man production company
Julee Jaquays

Phyllis Jones
Neil Jordan

John Kapelos
Becky Knouse

La Femme Nikita Production Office
Larry Lalonde

Juliet Landau

K. Douglas MacRae
Chris McCallan

Dean McDermott
MGM Television
Gavin Mitchell
Geoff and Jim Murrin
Mutant X production company
Nero Wolfe production company
Neptune Theatre Halifax

Pacific Renaissance Pictures

James Parriott
Victoria Principal
Profiler production company
Relic Hunter production company
Jamie Paul Rock

Eugene W. Roddenberry Jr.
Stephen Roloff
Charlene Seniuk

Salter Street Films
Mrs. Charles Schultz
Sex and the City production company
Michael Sloan

Kat Slonaker
Julie Swendsen
Stargate: SG1 production company
Denise Stoltenberg
Joanne Vannicola

Alberta Watson
The WB Television Network
James Wells
The West Wing Production Office
Ronny Yu


Special Thanks

Special thanks to the following individuals who assisted in pulling the charity auction together. Without them, we'd never had been able to do it!
Rob Ballentyne
Tina Cassar
Andrew Groves
Marcus Handman
Chris McCallan
Chris Robinson
Sharon Shapira

James Wells
Christine Wright


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