October 21-23, 2005 Los Angeles, California


Barb Eberhardt, Executive Director and Nicholas Lea

January 17, 2006

Jon Cassar and Nigel Bennett
Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance
PO Box 1284
Springfield, Ohio 45501-1284

Dear Jon, Nigel and Friends at MPICA,

On behalf of the families, staff and Board of Directors of Ronald McDonald House BC I would like to thank you for your very generous donation raised through your celebrity charity auction. Your donation means more than just financial support to us; it also means that we chare the same commitment tp provide a warm and caring "home away from home" for seriously ill children and their families.

Ronald McDonald House BC is more than just mortar and bricks. It is a place that offers comfort, compassion and support during a time of crisis. Our House is full of love and encouragement for children and their families. What makes the House so special is people helping people and supporting "The House That Love Built."


Barb Eberhardt
Executive Director
Ronald McDonald House BC

Executive Director Richard Cohen and Ryan Scott Greene

December 20, 2005

Nigel Bennett and Jon Cassar
Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance
PO Box 1284
Springfield, Ohio 45501-1284

Dear Mr. Bennett and Mr. Cassar,

We were very pleased to receive the generous donation from the celebrity charity auction thrown by the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance. Your support is greatly appreciated. This contribution will make a great
difference in carrying forward the work we do in the community.

Our programs make a tremendous difference in the lives of our tiny clients and their families. Because we know that early involvement means lifelong success, WCC offers family support services, on-site and home-based childcare, as well as foster care and adoption placement. These programs help ensure children in the west side of Los Angeles have a chance to reach their full potential within the safety of permanent, nurturing families.

Contributions such as yours are a vital part of our funding. Please do come by the Center to see our recently completed child development center.

Best Regards,

Linda Thieben
Fund Development Director

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