September 15-17, 2006 Toronto, Ontario, Canada


November 20, 2006

Jon Cassar and Nigel Bennett
Board of Directors

Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance
PO Box 1284
Springfield, Ohio 45501-1284

Dear Mr. Cassar and Mr. Bennett,

As Chairman of the Motion Picture & Television Fund, I would like to express my personal appreciation for the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance's outstanding contribution.

Through the efforts of the Motion Picture & Television Fund, the entertainment industry has been a leader in caring about its employees and their families. Your company's generosity helps to ensure that tradition is as strong today as it has ever been, as the needs of our community increase in size and scope.

As our industry and society chnages, so do the needs of the entertainment community. Gifts such as this enable MPTF to be flexible and responsive to a rapidly changing world. MPTF's comprehensive system of healthcare, childcare, retirement care and social services is truly a national model for care that is providing a valuable example for organizations nationwide.

Thank you for investing in the wellbeing of tens of thousands of people each year who depend on MPTF to lead healthy and productive lives.


Jeffrey Katzenberg
Chairman of the Board
Motion Picture & Television Fund

November 1, 2006

Nigel Bennett and Jon Cassar
Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance
PO Box 1284
Springfield, Ohio 45501-1284

Dear Mr. Bennett and Mr. Cassar,

Thank you very much for including CTYS in the auction this year.It was a great experience and i enjoyed meeting so many dedicated people.

We are in receipt of your donation for CTYS. Thank you so much for helping us carry out our work with our kids and families..

I wish you great success with next year's event..

Best Regards,

Mike Faye
Executive Director
Central Toronto Youth Services

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